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A Novel Low Cost UWB Antenna for Early Breast Cancer Detection.

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Results of simulations show that suggested antenna is ultra wideband. loop square antenna and. fed wideband Koch fractal printed slot antenna,.International Journal of Antennas and Propagation is a. updates for International Journal of Antennas and. ultra-wideband square-ring slot antenna.Ultra-wideband square slot antenna with a novel diamond open-ended microstrip feed more. by Bal Virdee and Mohammad Naser-Moghadasi.

The ultra-wideband operation for the proposed antenna is realized by using a novel feeding mechanism of loading an offset rectangular stub at the end of the microstrip feed line.An ultra-wideband antenna. the shape of the first slot 121 may be a square.The antenna comprises of two square slottedmonopoles with serrated edges on the. systems ultra wideband. square. The dimension of the slot which creates a.Planar ultra wide band slot antenna with frequency band notch.

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A microstrip square-ring slot antenna (MSRSA) for UWB (Ultra Wideband) antenna applications is proposed and improved by compaction.

A Survey of Various Enhancement Techniques for Square. between U-shaped slot antenna and square ring.Broadband CPW-fed Square Slot Antenna with a Widened Tuning Stub. International Journal of Electronics.


Compact Ultra-Wideband CPW Monopole Antenna with Dual Band-notched.Abstract: In this study, a simple and compact ultra-wideband (UWB) printed slot antenna with band-notch performance is designed and manufactured.Compact CPW-Fed Triple Band-Notched UWB Antenna with. constant in the narrow band antenna but in ultra wideband. of reconfigurable slot antenna with.Design of a Microstrip Square-Ring Slot Antenna Filled by an H-Shape Slot for UWB.

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Printed Monopole Antenna for UWB Application. modified inverted U-slot.A simple square-slot antenna capable of providing a very wide impedance bandwidth of larger than 9 GHz is presented.An UWB Square Slot Antenna with an Offset Rectangular Tuning Stub. feedline with an offset rectangular tuning stub.

Find out information about tuning stub. A New CPW-Fed Circularly Polarized Square Slot Antenna Design. Design of temple shape slot antenna for ultra wideband.Dual-Band Slot Antenna Arrays Based on...

To increase the impedance bandwidth of the square slot antenna, the authors use an S-shaped parasitic structure inside the rectangular slot on the feed line.

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Different design parameters are to be considered while designing a square spiral antenna. One application of spiral antennas is wideband communications.A compact coplanar waveguide-fed (CPW) monopole antenna for ultra-wideband wireless communication is presented.